Tips & Latest Trends for Effective Link Building

Link building can be similar to that of acquiring social proof. When a search engine goes through your brand’s website, having authoritative and strong links that points back to the content would signal the search engine that the website is informative and trustworthy! Without links, ranking, especially for competitive keywords, in any niche, will not be possible. Taking the help of reputed agencies for Perfect Link Building Services Australia is not unusual. This is because a good agency with experience and expertise can take your website to new heights and rankings on search engine results!

Link Building Trends

Mild outreach efforts for link building can be saturated and may provide poor results: Every link builder aims to reach out to the webmaster for link building. In most cases, dropping an email would be the only effort put in by your brand. As a result, the response with good results would also be less. Authoritative websites can help you build links related to the topic or niche market. However, no one would be interested to open and read a normal email, forget the content, or website. Your brand can try out various methods to keep a track of the webmasters. These methods are as follows:

  • Send follow up emails so that the chances of getting a response can be doubled.
  • Send outreach emails mid-week rather than weekends as chances of people checking mails and responding are higher.
  • Personalise the content in emails. Such emails can help in generating a positive response from the webmasters.

Original results tend to generate tons of backlinks: You can create various types of content from custom images to infographics and more! The only issue you may come across is that the content types may be overdone overplayed or may even result in zero backlinks. Original research can earn more backlinks in Australia.

Original research means the study of a unique piece of detail or data. This study can be published on your brand’s website. It’s always good to develop original research studies in the niche market that has never been done earlier. Stick to a unique angle on a popular subject and target difficult keywords. Once the content gets published, conduct a manual research and make use of social media. You can even hire an agency in Australia that does backlink generation and offers perfect link building services.

Link building can be competitive: The majority of content available online has zero backlinks. Day by day, most of the digital marketers, SEO agencies and other companies invest money for link building. This means that acquiring links that would help in business can get more difficult as each day passes. Cold outreach would fail. Broken link building may be rarely worthwhile and is a tedious task!

Huge websites that have high domain ratings would crowd SERPs. Successful link building would require unique strategies, good relationships with other websites in the niche market and unique and high-quality content.

Traditional press releases are less valuable: For many years, SEOs and marketers made use of press releases online, for link building purposes. It was used to cover key topics in business space where a direct backlink would be gained, most probably a no follow backlink.

However, press release links can be of lower quality and in most cases would be a no follow link. Instead of paying to link with press releases, look out for high-authority link mentions that can help in skyrocketing the domain rating.

 No follow links can be valuable: No follow links are usually considered worthless. However, this just may not be the case. According to one of the popular search engines, no follow links can be used to attribute cases where the page needs to be linked but without any endorsement. This includes passing the ranking credit to another page. Hence, the search engine would be determining whether the ranking credit needs to be passed on to no follow links or not, rather than discrediting the website when a no follow attribute is added.

Even if we consider the factors such as relevance, information provided and even direct anchor text of the link, no follow links provide more value in comparison to how it used to be.

Tips for Link Building

Know Your Talent: Identify if your brand can handle all SEO and link building activities. If there are time or expertise restrictions, seek help from reputed agencies for perfect link building services.

Effective Prioritisation: Link building often involves various tasks and tactics. Identify the options. Determine the tasks that can be worth your time. However, every tactic out there may not be of significance for your brand.

Track the Keyword Rankings: Identify few strategic keywords and find out how they can improve your link building efforts. Make sure to add more keywords to the list based on the content which is being promoted. As you won’t be able to track each and every activity, it’s better to focus on monitoring the most relevant keyword phrases.

 Consider Using Link Building Tools: Most link building tools, free and paid, can help you in identifying, sorting out and managing potential sources for links which might include competitor research and influencer link building. Learn about trust scores and authority for each link that can be influenced by quality, type and the number of backlinks. You can even find out if the link is failing to provide efficient results with the help of various tools.

 Perform a Competitor Research: It is easy to identify blogs, directories, newsletters, media and other websites that can help in linking with the website. However, the niche market of the website that is being linked to should be the same. Some publishers may also reach out to your brand for link building. Identifying potential competitors and reaching out for link building can build good relationships which can be helpful in the future as well.

 Clean up Inbound Links: One of the cons of being in the online market is that your website may get penalised even if there is no fault. Unfortunately, there are high chances that some irrelevant or spam websites link to you, even if you are not interested in link building. This can cause harm to your brand. However, you can get in touch with such websites and request for a link removal. This can minimise penalty by search engines for spam links. You can also seek help from the tools for possible link prospects which includes authority scores.

Create a Study: Most brands create a landing page with a good summary to let the visitors know more about the best practices, trends and industry forecasts. Such content can even attract competitors as they would wish to learn more on the changing trends in the niche market. A response form can be added so that you can gain data from prospects.

Providing awareness on topics that are less spoken would provide a chance for link building with authoritative websites. While creating a study, your brand can begin with a landing page summary and then divide the study into various pages on the website. Doing this can help in gaining SEO value.



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