World Meditation Day

Assist Group Celebrates World Meditation Day 2024

Sydney, Australia – 18 May 2024 – Assist Group, a leading Australian occupational health and medical testing company, proudly joins the global community in observing World Meditation Day, emphasising the profound impact of meditation on workplace well-being.

World Meditation Day, which takes place on May 21, 2024, is a global campaign promoting the advantages of meditation. Established in 1995, World Meditation Day promotes inner serenity and well-being through the ancient practice of meditation.

James Aldridge, CEO of Assist Group, highlights the significance of this day: “World Meditation Day is not just a day for reflection; it is  a call to action for everyone to consider incorporating meditation into their daily routines. At Assist Group, we recognise the transformative impact of meditation on mental health and recommend employers consider integrating meditation into their employee wellness programs.”

The day serves as a global reminder of meditation’s benefits in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, even when at work. It encourages individuals to explore mindfulness and its positive effects.

“The benefits of running holistic wellness programs and investing in worker health and wellbeing are tangible and cost effective,” adds Mr Aldridge. “When you get employee health and wellness right, the benefits are numerous, and include improved work performance and productivity, reduced absenteeism, and reduced workers’ compensation costs.”

Investing in your team’s physical and mental wellness is essential for any successful business. World Meditation Day is a great way to reinforce the focus back on workplace wellness.

When it comes to workplace wellness, Assist Group delivers a range of related services, including executive health medicals, pre employment medicals, and employee health and wellness programmes, and can implement “on demand” strategies for immediate intervention in reactive scenarios.

They can also implement claims prevention solutions that involve a more structured and time lined implementation of solutions.

About Assist Group

Assist Group was founded in 1986 and in that time has saved approximately 20,000 people from serious injury or ill health due to their health testing and screening services.

Assist Group’s vision is to become the outsourced total health management and wellness solution for company’s Human Resources. Assist Group provides both ‘on demand’ and ‘solution focused’ health and wellness strategies, including a range of medical and health testing services. It also engages with partner entities to achieve this vision, coordinating a “best of breed” network of medical, health and wellbeing companies.


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