When Should You Hire the Perfect Link Building Company?

If you have a business that offers services or products or both to clients in Australia, perhaps you already have a website too. But it may not be getting you the traffic your business needs and sits in oblivion. If you relate to this scenario and are worried and clueless about what to do, it’s high time you hire the perfect link building company in Australia to help you build high-quality backlinks!

Why do you need backlinks?

To help people find your website when they search for relevant search phrases, your website needs to show high up in the results displayed for such a search. This would happen only when your website ranks well on Google and other search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, etc. But that’s easier said than done. 

A lot of things need to be completed to improve your ranking in the SERPs (search engine result pages), including content optimisation and SEO. As part of your SEO strategies, you’ll need to build high-quality links directing visitors to your website.

Let’s consider an example to make it clearer. Say, you sell organic foods, and company A is your direct competitor. This means when you promote the range of organic foods that you sell, you’ll be competing against company A. 

When ranking your website as well as that of A, one of the ranking factors that Google will consider is to decide what your web pages’ link popularity is. Not sure what it is? In simple words, it refers to the number of incoming links (also called backlinks) that point to your website as well as that of company A. The more high-quality sites link to your pages, the higher would be your link popularity!

Let’s imagine there are three high-quality sites with relevant content, namely X, Y, and Z. While the first two, link back to company A, all three, link back to your website. Considering the trust and authority of these linking pages are the same across X, Y, and Z, your website will have a better chance of ranking higher for relevant search phrases than your competitor company A. That’s because you have got more external authority websites linking to your pages!

In reality, link building is a much more complex process where a lot of factors are considered when deciding which links will give your website the optimum benefit. Some of these factors are the trust and authority of the websites that give you a backlink, their content optimisation and SEO, which anchor texts they use for these incoming links, etc. 

But the above example gives you a fair idea of why link building is important. Since building high-quality links takes time and you can’t afford to waste it while experimenting with the process or taking a trial-and-error method, it’s best to hire the experts. That’s where the perfect link building company can help.

When to hire link building experts?

Before you jump at the idea of hiring link building experts like those working onboard the Perfect Link Building Agency Australia, you need to ask yourself if your business is ready for it. To begin with, your website should have valuable information that someone with a high trust-rating or industry authority would be willing to link to.

If you already have a website, you should take a closer look to ensure you fit this criterion. If not, you’ll have to tweak a few elements and start sharing and linking to important industry information along with other specialised resources. It would help you build the credibility of a reliable business that wants to educate and help its customers and website visitors. You could also use content that has already been created by updating them or expanding upon them. 

If you’re building your website, it would be somewhat easier to focus on the right things from the start to make your content link-worthy. Starting a blog is another good idea to create content that could help you get high-quality and relevant backlinks.

If you struggle to get these things done, you could seek advice and guidance from a perfect link building company. From helping you create compelling, link-worthy content to contacting webmasters of high-authority sites for backlinks to getting you those links with high relevance, such a company can do it all! 

You should also seek link building experts if you aim to achieve the following:

Build and promote your brand: By getting backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites, you can show that you are an authority in your domain. This will help you to position yourself as a thought leader while promoting your domain expertise and even showcasing the strength of your products and services. Thus, with link building, you can promote your brand.

Create beneficial business relationships: For building links, you’ll often need to reach out to other businesses, share information about your offerings, and even talk about other activities that your business is engaged in (like some charity work or similar things). Though such communication would primarily focus on getting good links or improving your existing links, you’ll also enjoy certain residual benefits. For instance, you may end up creating a mutually beneficial long-term relationship that’s a win-win for both the parties involved.

Get referral business: High-quality links can not only boost your site’s web traffic but improve your search engine ranking as well. When you get a backlink from a popular site that’s relevant to your business, it could even give a significant boost to your sales. And such sales may bring repeat customers your way, thus letting you reap the benefits in the long run.

When you have a perfect link building company in Australia as your partner, achieving all these and even more would no longer remain a distant dream. Whether it’s crafting compelling, link-worthy content, submitting your website to directories and news to press release sites, or getting your offerings in front of influential people, the link building company would take care of it all. 

This company or agency would also help you to build relevant, high-quality backlinking services Australia from your business partners and other people you know and ensure such links are positioned favourably and not pushed to a web page’s footer. Thus, when you have link building experts working for you, you’ll steadily start checking your link building goals off your to-do list.

Choose Wisely

Once you have decided to hire the perfect link building company, make sure to vet them. Ask for their portfolio, proven results, past clients’ feedback and testimonials, and so on, to make sure they can back up their claims and know the task at hand, inside out. Ideally, steer clear of companies that claim to offer you the moon but become uncomfortable the moment you start asking questions and seek proof.

It’s important to remember that none can guarantee you the number 1 rank on Google because the positions on SERPs are algorithmically-driven and can change. Thus, you should look for proven SEO results and past accomplishments when looking for the perfect link building company. A reliable company would have helped businesses across different industries to rank for the top positions for popular keywords in their niches.

Now that you know when to hire the perfect link building company, go ahead and start building links to take your business to the next level!



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