Designing a Healthcare Website

Top Tips on Designing a Healthcare Website

As websites become the absolute bare minimum for all modern businesses’ marketing and communication strategies, it may be incredibly intimidating to design your own healthcare website from scratch.

To help make the process easier as well as produce beneficial results for your healthcare clinic, we’ve compiled three top tips on designing a successful healthcare website!

Prioritise user experience

One of the most important things to focus on when designing your healthcare clinic’s website is to make sure your potential patients have an easy time navigating through your website. For healthcare clinics with a focus on treating the elderly, prioritising user experience is especially important.

There are many ways you can improve user experience on your website. For example, adding a search function is a simple yet robust way to help your patients find the services or doctors that they are looking for easily. Having clear-cut menus and clickable options as well (which lead to different well-purposed pages) will also simplify the navigation process.

In addition, keeping your contact methods easily visible on your website is also extremely important. Make sure to have direct links to your contact details (e.g. an option to call your phone number or link to your email address for enquiries) on all your website’s pages.

If you are looking to invest further in user experience, you may also consider automating an online booking system, whereby patients can simply book their desired visitation times according to a timetable online. This will also make the web experience simple and convenient for your patients, and improve their impressions of your clinic.

Include as much content as possible

Most individuals take their health incredibly seriously, and will therefore take more care when reading through the information of your clinic on your website. Unless you already have reputable staff and many impressionable contacts, your website will be the key driver in attracting potential patients to your clinic.

It is thus important to include as much information as you can on your services and practitioners so that patients know you are reliable. It is useful to have an about page for every practitioner available at your clinic, as well as dedicated service pages with detailed information on treatment processes.

Make sure your content follows the Australian medical board’s guidelines for advertising in order to not produce illegally misleading information.

Keep your aesthetics clean

Finally, your website will also need to be aesthetically simple and clean. Too many colours and too large chunks of text will naturally deter patients from navigating through your website further. It is always best to stick to one colour scheme and make fair use of white spaces.

To make your decision easier, you can always stick to the colours already present in your logo. Make sure your text is always displayed in one uniform font, and links are made obviously clickable. 

In the case that you are unsure about how to design a website for your own healthcare clinic, also visit other successful local clinics for inspiration. If for example, your healthcare clinic is in the alternative medicine industry, visit websites of fellow alternative medicine clinics which also offer similar services to their patients!

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