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Law Delivered Differently: Progressive Legal

Sydney law firm, Progressive Legal, is breaking all the rules when it comes to providing legal services to its clients.

The reason. They want to change the way legal services are provided to small businesses in Australia. With a focus on providing practical, skilled and timely legal advice including tailored legal documents, this approach involves being honest, affordable and transparent.

Founder of Progressive Legal and Principal Lawyer, Ian Aldridge, describes the current legal model as outdated for the modern, fast-paced digital environment. A stark contrast to his own vision and legal approach.

“I started Progressive Legal to help small business owners get the legal protection they need at an affordable cost,” Mr Aldridge described.

“The biggest thing with lawyers is most small business owners don’t actually feel as if their lawyer cares about what they are doing. We wanted to break down those barriers and be affordable, open, honest and transparent in the way we do business.”

Mr Aldridge spent 12-years practising as a litigation lawyer for small, medium and large firms in Australia and the UK before launching Progressive Legal in 2014.

What he found before launching Progressive Legal was that people would prefer to go to the dentist than see a lawyer.

“We’ve changed that for you.”

“We’ve changed the way that legal services are being provided.”

Unlike other law firms that require payment upfront, Mr Aldridge and his team do the work first and offer payment arrangements to work with you and your budget.

With a dedication to empower small business owners through customised legal advice and solutions, Mr Aldridge has worked with more than 3,000 Australian businesses.

With a focus on effective communication and cost-efficient delivery, Progressive Legal also offers obligation-free quotes.

For more information about these tailored legal services, visit the Progressive Legal website, view their legal documents page, or call 1800 820 083.

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