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Hiring a Bookkeeper for Small Business

Dealing with numbers is the one thing all businesses have in common. Every business, no matter their size needs to keep an accurate record of their financial transactions – from daily sales to yearly taxes. While it is certainly possible to do it themselves, not all business owners are well-versed in, or have the time […]

How to Register a Trade Mark

It is vital to register your business trade mark and logo to protect your brand. Learn how to register a trade mark for your business below. What are the benefits of registering a trade mark? A trade mark gives you protection over your intellectual property (IP). You can trade mark a unique symbol, certain words, […]

Is WordPress good for SEO?

Is WordPress good for SEO? Yes, WordPress is a great choice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)! WordPress powers 35% of the websites that are live on the internet. With its ability to quickly install on any server and get configured with a plethora of themes, WordPress is popularly becoming the perfect choice for website developers […]

VoIP on NBN for Small Business Owners

We discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of switching to VoIP for Your Small Business The National Broadband Network (NBN) is providing reliable and fast internet connection across Australia. Apart from the basic internet package, the service also includes an option to switch your current landline system to a VoIP landline connection. For small business owners, […]

Affiliate Marketing Program

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program Often times, affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the ideal marketing options for small businesses. The reason? Zero risk – you pay upon delivery of results. Under an affiliate marketing program, you and your affiliate partners agree that you would pay a referral fee for each […]

8 Essential Design Principles

Want to enhance your design skills? Follow these 8 fundamental components of design! The art of making delightful designs supersedes mere inspiration and conception of idea. It involves proper comprehension of the subject matter. Though the fine distinction of design could take years of studying and skill development, several basic elements need to be observed […]

Expert Tips When Starting A New Design Business

Follow these ultimate tips for your design business success Starting a new business can be the most exciting, yet most daunting thing you’ll ever embark on. Why? Well, there’s a possibility that you could create something special that will flourish in terms of reputation and revenue. On the contrary, there’s also a possibility that you’ll […]