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Progressive Legal Announces Series of Small Business Legal Guides

Thursday, 8 February 2024, Sydney – Progressive Legal, a leading law firm based in Sydney, announces the launch of a pioneering series of legal guides tailored for the unique needs of small businesses.

These guides aim to demystify the legal challenges small businesses face, offering plain-English, frequently asked questions-and-answers, with practical, accessible and actionable advice.

The legal landscape for small businesses can be daunting, with numerous regulations and requirements to consider. Recognising the need for accessible and practical resources, Progressive Legal has curated this collection of legal guides covering a range of pertinent legal topics.

Ian Aldridge, Progressive Legal’s founder and principal, states,  “Our goal is to reshape the way small businesses view legal services. We get it, legal advice has historically been daunting, but we’re here to change that, and empower small business owners with the knowledge and advice to assist them to make confident legal decisions in their business. By offering these practical legal guides for free, we’re here to have the backs of the 75% of Australian small businesses that are flying solo or without legal assistance.”

These guides aim to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners with valuable insights and practical advice to implement and navigate any legal complexities, hopefully avoiding them completely. Topics include:

Progressive Legal understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses in Australia and aims to bridge the knowledge gap through these guides. By offering clear explanations in plain English and actionable steps, the firm seeks to empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions that can positively impact their businesses.

“Based on anecdotal evidence, we believe 75% of businesses in Australia, small businesses, either don’t have a lawyer that understands their business well, that they can go to for advice from time-to-time, or even more scarily never received any legal advice at all and playing Russian-roulette with their business,” says Mr Aldridge.

“So many have never received legal advice at all because in the past it has been too expensive, painful or stressful. That’s 75% of small businesses in Australia that are so afraid of talking to a lawyer they’d rather go to the dentist.”

These simple guides were produced to help bridge that gap.

“We want to make our simple, practical legal advice available to all those small businesses for free, to help them manage some of the really common legal issues that come up.”

Progressive Legal invites small business owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders to take advantage of these guides. By equipping businesses with the knowledge to navigate legal intricacies, the firm is committed to supporting the growth and success of the small business community in Australia.

For Media Inquiries:

  • Progressive Legal Pty Ltd
  • Ian Aldridge or Milena Molina
  • 1800 820 083
  • 801, Level 8/100 William St Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Progressive Legal:

Progressive Legal provides practical, skilled and timely legal advice to growing small businesses. We protect you, your business, your assets and your ideas. We provide expert advice in relation to structure, intellectual property protection (including trade marks), commercial tailored legal documents and advice, workplace, and dispute resolution.

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