Intellectual Property Checklist Press Release

Intellectual Property Checklist

Progressive Legal Launches Intellectual Property Checklist to Support Small Businesses

Tuesday, 27 February 2024, Sydney – Progressive Legal, a leading law firm based in Sydney, has unveiled a comprehensive Intellectual Property Checklist designed to help small businesses identify and protect their valuable intellectual property (IP).

As part of their commitment to fostering innovation and protecting the rights of entrepreneurs, Progressive Legal has compiled this user-friendly guide that covers key considerations in IP protection.

The firm identified that there’s no checklist out there for a business to know what they should consider when it comes to their IP, until now. They created the checklist as a practical guide to help support the businesses in this position. It helps identify all the IP in a business, creating an inventory of all the IP and where it sits and the ownership to make sure it’s all in order, documented and protected.

Key highlights
The checklist provides small businesses with a step-by-step approach to protecting their intellectual assets.

By offering clear and actionable advice, the law firm aims to demystify the often complex world of IP protection, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The checklist breaks down the process of protecting intellectual property into three key steps, with smaller, actionable steps within each.

  • Step 1: Identifying your IP
  • Step 2: Protecting your IP
  • Step 3: Avoiding the infringement of others’ IP rights

Each step is packed with extra resources to help you fully understand the considerations related to IP protection.

Progressive Legal understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses in Australia and aims to help bridge the knowledge gap through this checklist. The firm invites small business owners, entrepreneurs and stakeholders to take advantage of this checklist, which can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF here.

By equipping businesses with the knowledge to identify and navigate the intricacies of intellectual property protection, the firm reaffirms its commitment to supporting the growth and success of the small business community in Sydney.

For Media Inquiries:

  • Progressive Legal Pty Ltd
  • Ian Aldridge or Milena Molina
  • 1800 820 083
  • Suite 801, Level 8 /100 William St Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Progressive Legal:
Progressive Legal provides practical, skilled and timely legal advice to growing small businesses. We protect you, your business, your assets and your ideas. We provide expert advice in relation to structure, intellectual property protection (including trade marks), commercial tailored legal documents and advice, privacy law, workplace, and dispute resolution.

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