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How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program

Often times, affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the ideal marketing options for small businesses. The reason? Zero risk – you pay upon delivery of results. Under an affiliate marketing program, you and your affiliate partners agree that you would pay a referral fee for each lead sale they generate. Affiliate marketing can also be termed partnership marketing as you rely on others to facilitate the sale of your products/services.

Today, there is a myriad of affiliate programs on the internet, thus it is vital that you make yours attractive enough to professional affiliate marketers. If you successfully do that, you are well on track to a successful campaign.

Below are a few tips that can make your affiliate program unique from the thousands on the internet:

Claim a Niche Market

Do not try to sell to every Tom, Dick and Harry – clearly define your target market.

Locate Niche Partners

Once you have defined your niche market, do your homework and discover websites that have potential viewers that may like your product or service. Typically, you should aim for well-established partners with a steady stream of traffic that would gain from your affiliate proposition. Remember, the offer should have something profitable for both you and your affiliate partner.

Develop Compelling Creative

Ensure that your affiliate partners are equipped with both promotional and creative materials. Generally, you want to make their task of marketing your product as seamless as you can. The less the hassle they have to do and the higher the conversion, the better your chances of them actually promoting your services or product.

Keep Scouting for New Affiliate Partners

A few great affiliate partners shouldn’t get you very excited that you abandon your search for others; because they can always ditch you when they feel like. Ensure you are never left stranded by always recruiting new partners. You can always find new partners by placing adverts on your website, advertising in affiliate directories and listings, or by making personal contacts with affiliates.

Look Out For Your Partners

Ensure you keep the line of communication open between you and your affiliates. Continuously send them updates about changes to your product. Pay attention to them and offer tips from time to time about how they can best market your product.

A successful affiliate campaign can take a while to build and grow. But if done properly, the effort can be very rewarding, as it can lead to a significant rise in internet sales.

Affiliate Program Challenges

Similar to any other marketing program, it’s not all roses, as affiliate marketing also comes with its own fair share of challenges and issues.

Finding Quality Affiliates

Although starting an affiliate program is relatively easy, finding good affiliates to partner with can be difficult. For affiliates, a lot of trust issues is involved as they tend to only associate themselves with only reputable brands. In the past, they have had to suffer the consequences of promoting a bad brand and now they are super cautious to not repeat the same mistake again.


You ideally want to keep track and record of all your affiliate sales correctly. Nevertheless, it must be on a system that is simple to use and understand. Once affiliates have issues understanding the system or feel it isn’t accurate, they will pull out.

Wrap Up

So those are our main pointers on how to setup your affiliate marketing program We covered some of the benefits, including: claiming your niche, identifying niche partners, developing creative copy and looking out for new partners.

We also covered some of the challenges associated with running your own affiliate marketing program including: the need to find quality affiliate partners and setting up the right technology to be able to seamlessly track sales.

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