Top 3 Tips to Building a Successful Bakery Website

Are you looking to open up an online bakery soon? Or simply want to build a new website for your in-person bakery? Here are our few top tips on how you can build a successful and stunning website for your bakery!

Decide and Stick to a Colour Scheme

Many bakeries make the mistake of thinking that colourful palettes equals greater levels of customer interest and attraction. However, this is certainly not the case. In fact, having too many different colours will make your website appear messy and distract your website visitors from the main attraction – your baked goods.

Thus, it is important to decide on a colour scheme (for example, dark greens or pastel blues) and stick to it throughout your entire website. Any colour you use on your website should be reflective of this colour scheme. If you already have a logo you display on your website, simply use the same colour scheme for your entire website.

Include a Menu and Gallery

Your breads, pastries and baked goods are the star of the show when it comes to your bakery’s website. Therefore, to show these off to the fullest, make sure you include a menu and gallery. You can combine these together or have them on separate web pages depending on the content you have planned for your website.

When making your menu page, make sure to include professionally written product descriptions so your website visitors can learn more about the type of baked goods you sell and whether they suit their style.

Similarly for your gallery, use professionally taken photos of your products so that they are presented on your website as best as they can be. We all love looking at pictures of delicious food, and having a gallery on your website simply makes it that much more memorable for visitors, as well as gives your bakery a sense of credibility (with real life photos of your products).

Use Contact and Order Forms

Chances are, your website visitors are on your website to gauge whether or not they want to visit or purchase from your bakery. Including a call to action at the bottom of all your website’s pages (e.g. a contact form, order form, or other contact details) will allow your website visitors to more conveniently contact you.

Make sure that your contact or order form is easily visible and accessible. To extend your reach, also make sure that your contact or order form is mobile friendly, and individuals can fill it out with their contact information on their phones. You want to make everything as simple, straightforward and convenient as possible for your customers visiting your website.

Having trouble visualising how you can incorporate all these tips onto your bakery’s website? Have a look at one of the best bakery websites here from Suprima Bakeries. With a clear colour scheme, visible contact form, and a product menu filled with gorgeous pictures of their frozen dough, you can never go wrong basing your bakery website off of this example and our above tips.

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