Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Must-have apps and tools for share houses

Living in a sharehouse can be a rewarding experience that offers live-in friendships and reduces your living costs. However, coordinating responsibilities, managing bills and ensuring smooth everyday life can sometimes be a challenge.

Fortunately, the digital age has provided us with a plethora of apps and tools to simplify share house living and to turn your house into a smart home. In this blog, we’ll explore a selection of the best ones to help you create a harmonious and efficient shared living environment.

WiFi-connected robot vacuum

Keeping a shared living space clean can be a collective effort. However, finding time to vacuum regularly might not be easy with everyone’s busy schedules. And hiring a regular cleaner is often a bigger expense than housemates want to commit to. This is where a WiFi-connected robot vacuum comes to the rescue.

Brands like iRobot and Roomba offer robot vacuums that can be controlled via smartphone apps. With these devices, you can schedule cleaning sessions, monitor their progress and even set up “no-go zones” to protect delicate areas. You can also program it for regularly scheduled cleans, or set it to whip around while you’re all still in bed recovering from last night.

This will help you keep your living space clean – without any disputes over whose turn it is to pick up the vacuum cleaner. Just remember that you’ll need to have a decent NBN plan for the robot to function properly.

Bill-splitting apps

When it comes to sharehouses, splitting bills is a common source of confusion and tension. Fortunately, there are countless apps that make this task fairly effortless. One of the most popular is Splitwise, which has both free and paid tiers.

Splitwise allows users to input expenses, assign them to specific housemates and even set up recurring bills. The app then calculates how much each individual owes or is owed, ensuring transparency and fairness. No more messy spreadsheets or debates over who paid for what!

Smart lock

Security is a top priority for any sharehouse, and a smart lock can enhance the safety of the premises while making life more convenient. If you’ve got that one housemate that is always forgetting or losing their key, ask your landlord if you can install a smart lock.

Smart locks, which are available from plenty of different brands like Yale and August, allow for keyless entry through smartphone apps. You can grant access to housemates or guests, track who enters and exits, and even lock or unlock the door remotely. No more worrying about lost keys or sharing multiple copies – a smart lock provides an efficient solution for secure access control.

Many smart locks use Wi-Fi for functionality, but some rely on Bluetooth, and some offer key-optional functionality (in case the power goes out).

Chore-splitting apps

Chores are the main aspect of sharehouse living that can lead to disputes and misunderstandings. Chore-splitting apps like OurHome help streamline the allocation of household tasks and keep track of who has done their weekly chores.

Users can create chore lists, assign them to specific housemates and set deadlines. These apps often include gamification features that allow housemates to earn points or rewards for completing tasks, adding an element of fun to what can otherwise be a mundane responsibility.

Grocery list apps

There are pros and cons to being one of those sharehouses that shares groceries. It’s nice to be able to cook together (or only have to cook a couple of nights a week) but it can add an extra level of difficulty when coordinating grocery shopping.

As well as determining whose turn it is and what needs to be picked up, it’s not easy to ensure that everyone’s preferences and dietary restrictions are accommodated. Apps like AnyList or List Ease make this process smoother by letting users create shared shopping lists, categorise items, and even set reminders. This ensures that essential groceries are always in stock, and no one ends up buying duplicates or forgetting crucial items (especially toilet paper). It can also help you keep track of who’s spent what (see: Splitwise, above).

Great NBN plan

A fast and reliable internet connection is essential, especially when multiple people are sharing the same network. Whether you’re a cosy duo or a sharehouse of six, solid NBN plans are crucial to ensure everyone can stream, work and browse simultaneously without interruptions.

Reliable WiFi is also essential if you’re running any smart home features to keep your house running smoothly, so it’s important to get the right plan.

When choosing an NBN plan, consider factors like price, download speed, upload speed and data caps to meet the demands of your sharehouse. If you’re a household of gamers, streamers and WFH-ers, you’ll probably need a faster plan, but if you’re mostly just scrollers you might get away with a lower speed tier. Look for flexibility with the plan as well, so you can adjust as housemates come and go.

Take a look at this different nbn speed tiers to find the one right for you:

Smart home devices: tools for success

Living in a sharehouse can be a fantastic experience – but you want to have the right tools and apps in place to facilitate smooth cooperation and communication.

From managing bills to ensuring a clean living space and even streamlining grocery shopping, these suggestions take the stress out of shared living to make it more convenient and enjoyable.

If what we covered in this article is not enough, check out this article covering ‘The Best Smart Home Devices for 2023’ in greater detail.

So, if you’re considering setting up a smart sharehouse or looking to improve your existing one, invest in these digital solutions to enhance your collective living experience. By doing so, you’ll create a harmonious and efficient shared living environment for everyone involved.

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