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Female Chiropractor Leading The Change: New World Chiro

You can’t help every patient or address their individual health concerns by having a standard approach to healthcare.

As a chiropractor who treats her patients as individuals, by focussing on the whole body, this is something Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) from New World Chiro aims to change.

With a firm belief that every patient should be evaluated and cared for as an individual, Dr Jabbour has been on a mission to change the one size fits all approach that is often seen in healthcare. Instead, Dr Jabbour provides tailored advice, health plans and holistic care unique to each patient.

“I wanted to open my own health clinic to offer people a wider variety of services in one place. It’s not a one size fits all approach in the health and wellness space, and every person should be assessed as an individual,” Dr Jabbour emphasises.

“This means that your recommendations for care are also unique to you.”

As a trusted, in-demand and patient-focused chiropractor, Dr Jabbour has cared for more than 6,000 patients at her Parramatta clinic in the 25-years it has been open.

On a mission to provide tailored and personalised health care to more patients, Dr Jabbour opened a second clinic in Concord in early 2022. A decision that was also spurred on by the increased demand for functional medicine and chiropractic care.

“Unfortunately working from home has now created a chronic problem with lower back, neck and disc injuries. More patients are presenting health challenges, which need to be corrected as soon as possible.”

Dr Jabbour has more than 30-years of experience addressing a range of musculoskeletal health concerns in thousands of patients. Her key areas of interest include prenatal and postnatal care, injury rehabilitation and work-related injuries, sports injury management, spinal rehabilitation and posture correction.

For more information about these health services and Dr Jabbour, visit the New World Chiro Concord website or call (02) 9687 4011.

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